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пʼятниця, 16 червня 2017 р.

Супутникова лінія квантового зв'язку

Китайский квантовый спутник отметился первыми значимыми успехами. На днях в журнале Science вышла научная статья, где рассказывается о первых научных результатах миссии квантового спутника связи QUESS («Мо-Цзы»).

China’s quantum satellite has produced its first successful result. In a paper published today in Science, researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences announced the satellite had successfully distributed entangled photons between three different terrestrial base stations, separated by as much as 1,200 kilometers on the ground. The result is the longest entanglement ever demonstrated, and the first that spanned between the Earth and space. Researchers say the system “opens up a new avenue to both practical quantum communications and fundamental quantum optics experiments at distances previously inaccessible on the ground.”

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